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Nestled within the historic Ford Building of Southeast Portland, The Wildfire Clinic is a small but mighty holistic health care collaborative. Our independent practitioners provide excellence in full spectrum integrative medicine. 






The Ford Building

2505 SE 11th Ave
Suite 268
Portland, OR 97202



M-Sat 9a-6pm
Su by appointment and event






Acupuncture + chinese herbs                            


Jessica L. Dahlton L.Ac. Pediatric acupuncturist 

Owner- The Wildfire Clinic

Jessica was born and raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Her heart lead her west to attend The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA where she would also meet her husband Andy. Jessica received a BA in film and BS in premedical sciences from Evergreen. In her last year she combined her love for the sciences with her love of film creating 2-D paper cut animations of bacteriophage replication and organic chemistry. While at Evergreen Jessica had the incredible fortune to work with her teacher and mentor Dr. Elizabeth (Betty) Kutter who taught her more than molecular genetics and good lab technique, she showed her how to be a leader in her field. 

Jessica was amidst studying for the MCAT when she noticed that her newborn was displaying signs of reflux. What would happen next would change the course of how she would practice medicine. Not wanting to put her daughter on a PPI, their MD referred Jessica's family to a woman who she described as practicing "the high woo-woo" explaining "I don't know how it works, but it does". Jessica was intrigued and went to see Dorothy who swiftly and methodically determined what substances Jessica's daughter was reacting to in her breastmilk and causing the reflux. She then asked which one of these things she would like to reintroduce, so that she could clear the sensitivities. Jessica was skeptical to say the least but followed Dorothy's instructions. As if by magic, the newborn's reflux resolved overnight. No more projectile vomiting, no more sour breath, the painful gas was gone, "colic" was a thing of the past. Shocked and in utter disbelief that the body could heal itself in this way she was determined to learn more. This is how Jessica came to East Asian medicine, and what brought her to focus on children and their families.  

The Dahlton family moved to Portland, OR so that Jessica could attend the top ranked Oregon College of Oriental Medicine for her masters. She is now currently completing her doctorate at with an emphasis in advanced pediatrics at the same school. Her doctoral work has allowed her to study and engage with leading pediatrics experts from Japan to Amsterdam as well as some of the most impressive names in scalp acupuncture. 

Jessica founded The Wildfire Clinic in 2017, building possibly the most beautiful wellness center in Portland. As of January 2018 she runs the clinic from her home state of MN. 


Services and pricing 

Base rate 125.00 an hour. Packages available

First visit Pediatric Acupuncture: 45 min.

Follow up Pediatric Acupuncture: 20, 30 min.

First visit treatment (non pediatric): 1.5 hours

Follow up (non pediatric): 1 hour 

"Treat the parent treat the child": monthly special, contact for details. 

Radical Self Care Acupuncture (foot bath, centering moxa, warm herbal towel wrap, facial acupuncture or facial cupping, shiatsu neck, hand, and face massage, finished with herbal serum leaving you radiant and deeply relaxed) 1.5 hours 

Zen Shiatsu: 30, 45, 60 minute treatments. 

Sensitivity testing and clearing: 45min, 1 hour

Herbal consult: initial 1 hour, same formula follow up 15 min. Re-evaluation 30 min. 

Stand alone: Moxa, cupping, gua sha, auricular, ear seeds, and other adjunct therapies (included with acupuncture when appropriate)  15, 20, 30, 45 minutes. 



Kevi jpg.jpg

Kevi Keenom L.Ac. 

Owner- Little Wing Acupuncture

Kevi Keenom has been practicing acupuncture since 2011 and was been trained at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, after she transferred there from the Institute for Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her post-graduate work has taken her to two Nanjing, China hospitals on internships with several famous Nanjing medical herbalists and acupuncturists. She has trained in modalities appropriate for treating children, and has her board certificate to practice Chinese herbal medicine as well.


Mother to a toddler and long-time Aunt of three, Kevi has a love of children and enjoys the creative process of treating children. She finds this highly rewarding because children (like animals) respond very quickly to return back to optimal health. In addition, women's health and hormonal imbalances are a highlight of her practice. She has also found that many auto-immune conditions including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue respond very favorably to her style of practice. Commonly she treats chronic pain of all kinds, from headaches to sciatica, and also excels at restoring optimal function after surgeries, injuries and other accidents such as motor vehicle related.


An ideal patient for Kevi is someone who knows that healing is a process and wants to give their body every opportunity to achieve optimal health through the transformative work that acupuncture and herbal medicine can offer. Children who don't want acupuncture are also great candidates for her practice, as most of the treatments for kids are needle-free. Kevi loves to integrate the work of other doctors and will gladly work with your other treatment plans to create a complimentary plan to speed up your healing prognosis. 

Rates and Services:

Acupuncture (w/ or w/o electro-stimulation)

New patient $115 (90 minutes)
Return treatment $80 (60 mins)
Return visit prepay discounts (transferrable): Two-pack $150; 5-pack prepay $350, 10-pay prepay $650

Children’s Treatments (Possible combo of TuinaShonishin, and acupuncture)

New patient $55 (45 mins), Follow up $40 (30 mins)

Discounted time of service rates only applicable if not using insurance. Most private health insurance accepted including car accident and worker's comp insurances. Contact Kevi for more information regarding  billable insurance.


Ross B&W.jpg


Training and Experience
I completed my training at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland with a Master of Oriental Medicine degree. This school has been rated the best school in the country in the field several times. The program at OCOM was three years long, including a one year internship at several area clinics. I also trained for a month in two different Nanjing hospitals, where I got still more hands-on experience treating patients with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I also received my Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville prior to starting OCOM. I continually keep myself up to speed on the latest research in the medical field. I was a co-chair of the research club at OCOM the whole time I was there and I was also President of the Chinese language club during my time in grad school. After graduation from OCOM I worked for about a year as an associate acupuncturist of my teacher Dr. Yan Lu at his clinics in SE Portland and Vancouver, WA. I've been on my own as a contractor or simply independent since then. After starting at ClackamasInjury Rehab in 2011 I completed training to become both a Chiropractor's Assistant and a Physical Therapy Aide as well. I worked at Zen Space Healing Center in NE Portland for a while. I spent some time at Skyline Integrative Medicine in Portland as well as at My Path Wellness in Milwaukie. I worked in SE Portland in my own space for a time and am now now at my own clinic called The Healthy Foundation in Milwaukie. There's a lot of overlap in there, with almost always at least 2 places going on at once. I like to multitask. And now I'm also at The Wildfire Clinic!

Treatment Style
The number one most important tools in my toolbox are my ears. I use them to listen! Speaking of tools, an important thing to consider is the fact that I don't have to do acupuncture to help you. I'm on Oriental Medicine practitioner, not just an acupuncturist. If we do acupuncture, I use small needles and a guide tube to keep my acupuncture pain free. My massage style can be pretty deep if necessary and I do a lot stretching if required. This massage can include cupping and gua sha (youtube has good videos if you don't know what these are). I keep a table warmer and TDP lamp warm for each patient that needs it, not to mention blankets, sheets, and gowns to keep you warm and modest. I ask a lot of questions and feel like I treat each patient as a whole, unique individual rather than just a number or a series of symptoms. I am a nutrition nut so I make sure to include food as medicine for every patient. That may extend to herbal medicine if food, massage, and acupuncture alone aren't enough. I also make sure to include a lot of other patient education for my patients when I think it will help, including information about supplements, exercises, stretches, referrals, books, and articles.



15 minute consult - Free

One session (in person/by phone, including music by request, herbal consult, acupuncture, acupressure, laser acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, TDP far infrared heat lamp therapy, a table warmer, nutrition advice, exercise advice, supplement "prescription," and/or a nap, but probably not all at once:)  - $65 (packages available)

Massage (Tuina, Sotai, cupping, gua sha, acupressure, or some combination) - $1/minute in increments of 5 minutes up to 20 minutes total during one of the above sessions


Naturopathic medicine 



Family medicine, Primary care. Pediatrics

Dr. Stephanie Warner is originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and moved to Portland to pursue a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. Dr. Warner was first introduced to Naturopathic Medicine at the age of 17, when she was experiencing some symptoms related to food allergies. She received treatment from a Naturopathic Doctor who treated her with dietary changes and homeopathics. Her symptoms resolved symptoms in a matter of months. This experience fueled a passion for the medical field and she then went on to work as a Registered Nurse before becoming a Naturopathic Doctor.                                                                                 
Dr. Warner believes that healing requires more than treating diseases and masking symptoms. She strives to ally with her patients and connect with them to allow their body to bring about a natural healing response. Dr. Warner believes in an individually targeted treatment plan stemming from a minimalist approach

Dr. Warner’s training facilitates her to blends both Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine concepts for the treatment of her patients. She treats individuals of all ages and conditions. Some of her specialties include anxiety, depression, women’s health, fatigue, Lyme Disease, autoimmune disorders and skin conditions. During your first visit with her you might expect her to take a comprehensive health history, perform necessary physical exams, order any laboratory testing, and a treatment plan in accordance to naturopathic and/or Chinese herbal medicine.


20 minute consult                                      Free 

First visit (1.5 hr)                                          $200

Follow up visit (1 hr)                                   $100

Initial Telemedicine consult (1.5hr)           $200

Follow up Telemedicine consult (1hr)      $100

Acupuncture Visit (1 hr)                              $75

Shonishin treatment (45minutes)              $60

Introduction to fire cupping (20min)         $30

Facials (chinese herbal mask or facial acupuncture)    $115

Healthcare for all (if on SNAP)                  Sliding scale 


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.00.20 PM.png

dr. Ellerie Jean Nagy ND

Primary Care, House calls

Dr. Ellerie Jean Nagy is passionate about patient-centered compassionate care using natural medicine, for everyone, but especially for elderly patients.  Dr. Ellerie believes that treating a patient requires investigating an individual person’s whole medical picture, mind, body, and spirit, to find imbalances and root causes of illness. She focuses on gut health, inflammation, detox patterns, and mind/body connection. While at NCNM, Ellerie trained under gastrointestinal naturopathic expert Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis. She utilizes her two year study of shiatsu massage and extended learning in structural realignment using Sotai, neuromuscular techniques, and structural integration. Additionally, she has been mentored by Dr. Amy Bader in the field of Bio-therapeutic Drainage. She spent a year long internship with herbalist Dr. Amy Johnson. She has a never ending thirst for knowledge, continually learning and updating her expertise in medicine.  Currently she is enrolled at the at the National University of Naturopathic Medicine (NUNM) studying to become a license acupuncturist in the classical Chinese Medicine program.

Dr. Ellerie did her medical training at the NUNM. Prior to medical school, she attended California Polytechnic State University earning her bachelor of science and her master of science degree in Biomedical Engineering, and minor in Art. After earning her master’s degree, she worked for St Jude Medical, assisting doctors in operations by navigating 3D imaging software of the heart. During this time, she traveled to over 50 hospitals and worked with many more doctors. While her thirst for medicine grew during this time, she felt that conventional medicine was not addressing root causes of patients. When she discovered Naturopathic medicine, she knew that becoming a Naturopathic doctor (ND) was her calling.    

Dr. Ellerie enjoys eating delicious food especially with family and friends. She is passionate about cooking meals that are both delicious and healthy. She is writing a cookbook to be released in 2019. She adores spoiling her dog Stewart. In her free time, she enjoying making art, especially ceramics. She has a thirst for travel and exploring new cultures.


Contact for Dr. Ellerie directly for pricing

Western Herbalism + Counseling


Kelsey Riley 

Owner -  A N T I K Wellness

Kelsey has a MS in clinical psychology from CU Boulder and a Certification in Western Herbalism from the California School of Herbal Studies. After years of working in psychiatric hospitals, wellness clinics and owning two successful botanical companies, she now uses her knowledge and wisdom to integrate talk therapy and herbalism by connecting the emotional body to the physical body through plant medicine. By gaining awareness of how our minds manifest physical symptoms in the body, she uses plant allies to bring you back in alignment with your true nature. Each session dives deeper into your uniqueness as a human being by evaluating your constitution and matching your state of being with plants that can help support you and bring you back to you true self.


1.5 Hour New Client Session                        $135

1 Hour Session                                              $80

Herbal Remedies                                    (prices vary)

Osteopathic Manual Medicine

• 50% sale •.png


We are very excited to have Dr. Teresa Bair DO as a part of our clinic. Stay tuned for more information on her practice! 










Massage therapy 


Norah Purdy

I am thrilled to join the Wildfire Clinic team. A resident of Portland for almost 10 years, I originally hail from Milwaukee, WI. I enjoy reading, painting/drawing, traveling, and spending time with my family and our big sweet Newfoundland. Bringing my honest, dedicated Midwestern work ethic, I am passionate in helping all people learn to improve their lives with a focus on self-care. I weave Structural-based, Myofascial and other Deep Tissue techniques with elements of Shiatsu and Swedish Relaxation for a unique, holistic treatment. Each session is tailored to a client’s specific needs; whether it be chronic pain, tension, pre/post-op, improving posture, pregnancy/postpartum, or simply managing daily stress, I am here to listen and am grateful to be a part of your path to wellness! 


60 min massage        $85

75 min massage         $95 

90 min massage        $115

Located in the historic ford building 

New to The Clinic? Once in the building take the elevator to the second floor. Take 2 rights and a left to get to our hallway...follow the shuffleboard it will lead you right to us. 

2505 Southeast 11th Avenue
Portland, OR, 97202
United States


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